A Word from the President: Nov/Dec 2017

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Words by Todd Grant

If this issue of Outspokin’  had a tagline, it would be “Plan the work, then work the plan.” As we close out 2017, we wanted to present you with articles and advice about what you can do for your business right now to end the year with a bang, and usher in a successful 2018.

From our popular seminar presenters at Interbike—3 Dots on visual merchandising and store design, and Tom Shay discussing ways to build your business on a strong financial foundation—to dealers sharing their best practices, each article is written for you to come away with ideas that you can put into action. After all, action is what keeps us nimble and successful in the ever-changing retail landscape.

This year has seen the continuation of a trend of challenges for the IBD and the industry as a whole; sales flat to down, margins being challenged, consumers being split into smaller slices rather than the pie growing, and retailers feeling the pressure of competing with their suppliers. 

But 2017 also saw dealers planning, executing and succeeding in their markets. A renewed focus on customer service, store presentation, staff training and empowerment, the management of supplier relationships, and engagement with their local communities are all elements of operations that succeed in a challenging and changing environment.

The NBDA has long supported the IBD through training, communication, business advocacy, research and education, and business services. Our business services, from insurance to credit card processing, save dealers money and provide you with the services needed specific to your business. Our outreach programs to consumers—Buy Where You Ride and Bikes Build—give dealers the tools they need to reach their consumers and tell them about the importance of their stores and cycling to their community. The NBDA is working to provide you with a reach well beyond your store.

Preparation for a successful 2018 begins now, and the NBDA is here to support you. Throughout 2018 you will see the NBDA continue to add services, tools, information and business advocacy that you need to advance your business into a future of success.

Thank you to all our members for your ongoing support to your dealer organization.

Todd Grant
President, NBDA