A Word from the Board of Directors: Jan/Feb 2018


To say that the NBDA is in a time of transition would be an understatement. As you are all probably aware, we have parted ways with Todd Grant and are currently hard at work shoring up funds, streamlining operations and improving programs. As chairperson Brandee Lepak puts it, “The NBDA is looking forward to a future that is rich with opportunities while we strive to become the unified voice of the industry. Our focus during this time is advancing bicycle retail and being a relevant association to the industry.”

To be blunt, the NBDA was overspending while two of our major sources of revenues (BRAIN and Interbike) significantly decreased. We have reduced expenditures, and board members are going through each and every one of our programs with fine-tooth combs to reduce expenses and improve efficiency.

In brief, the following work is being undertaken:
• While Barnett Bicycle Institute’s purchase contributed to the diminishment of our reserves, we believe that the program will become a core component of our mission fulfilment, and we remain committed to this resource.
• P2 will continue on with facilitation from QBP.
• Interbike’s 2018 Reno attendance looks positive. Plans are already underway for an increase in retailer-to-retailer educational opportunities.
• America’s Best Bike Shops is being streamlined in terms of process while focusing on increased program visibility.
• BRAIN’s profits will be re-invested into digital growth while it remains an industry print publication.
• Office Manager Sara Michaels is staffing the office, and keeping us organized and on-track.

Any questions or concerns, please reach out to Sara Michaels at 720-696-7018 or sara@nbda.com; she can help you directly, or will forward your information to the appropriate board member. You can also post to the V-Bulletin board; two of our members are keeping an eye on it, and will be happy to jump in with any information when needed. We are working to be as transparent as possible and to earn and keep your trust and faith.

We’ve heard from so many of you in the last few weeks, and we thank you for your support. Let’s all keep moving forward!