Jump-Start Your E-Bike Training

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BBI's first-ever E-Bike Fundamentals course proves successful

BBI’s E-Bike Fundamentals (EBF) class launched this June, marking a great first step into e-bike technical training. The course was designed to help bike shops and mechanics learn as much e-bike technology as possible in a single course, as well as to overcome hurdles that get in the way of successfully selling and servicing e-bikes.

EBF was held June 25-28, and delivered a range of curriculum from Bosch eBike Systems Training, Bafang, STePS and the Light Electric Vehicle Association. Students learned everything from the basic concepts to full-service procedures. PeopleForBikes supplemented all the technical training with an informative segment regarding e-bike legislation and access, as well as the three-class system for identifying and regulating e-bikes.

“I feel privileged to have had the opportunity to attend this informative course," said Sherry Bechtel, owner of Inverness Bicycle and Fitness in Florida, who was among the inaugural class. "Prior to attending, my staff and I regarded e-bikes with skepticism, having seen a variety of e-bikes, after-market motorized mechanisms and wheel kits roll through our doors over the past couple of years. But BBI's E-Bike Fundamentals supported me to gain a better understanding of them and, in the end, was essential in my decision to move forward with stocking and servicing e-bikes."

E-Bike Fundamentals is an essential step for mechanics and businesses who are looking for a broad exposure to e-bike technology. The course is open to industry professionals and is scheduled again at BBI for November 12-15, 2018.

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