Connect to Riders with Ride Spot


How can you keep customers coming back to your store? Show them the power of a great ride.

This week marks the beta launch of PeopleForBikes' Ride Spot. The program—created by retailers, for retailers—takes the mystery out of where to ride and who to ride with.

“As an organization, we’re constantly looking for new ways to get people on bikes and riding more often,” says Jenn Dice, PeopleForBikes’ vice president of business network. "Ride Spot reduces barriers that keep people from riding: where to go, what to expect, who to ride with. It’s a great way to help retailers be the center of their rider community."

Ride Spot offers a complete toolkit of resources to bike riders, including navigation capability, pre-mapped rides, features to connect with other riders, and tips and tricks for beginner riders. Retailers using the app can stay closely engaged with customers by sharing classic local rides and helping customers find rides best suited for a particular bike type or skill level—they can even create ride challenges directly linked to in-store benefits.

The program has been in its retailer development phase for more than two years, boosted significantly by a partnership with Blackriver and their existing technology platform. Ride Spot targets infrequent riders—people who only bike 5-10 times a year—seeking to reduce common barriers to bike riding and empowering users to ride more often.

“Teaming up with PeopleForBikes has taken our vision for this program to the next level,” says Blackriver Founder and CEO Eric Lynn. “What started as a good idea has evolved into something great for riders, retailers and the entire bike industry. Specifically for retailers, Ride Spot gives tons of opportunities to stay connected with customers, adding a new layer of value to their role as bike experts."

PeopleForBikes will be offering a live testing beta experience of Ride Spot on the Interbike test track. Users can pick up “Ride Cards” from the PFB booth (L79), then scan a QR code to unlock a pre-programmed route. PFB reps will also be stationed at the track entrance to help users demo the beta app.

More than 100 retailers have already signed on as Ride Spot beta testers, and PeopleForBikes is seeking additional retailers to join this phase of development.

Ride Spot will launch to consumers April 2019 at Sea Otter.