Being the Bike Shop of the Future is all about being a Great Retailer of Today

Photo taken from original webinar presentation by Brian Hawkins, President of bhawkins inc. and Fixture Lab

Photo taken from original webinar presentation by Brian Hawkins, President of bhawkins inc. and Fixture Lab

What does the bike shop of the future look like? How do you help your business move forward into the changing world of retail and consumerism? Brian Hawkins of Fixture Lab shared his tips with us in his webinar in which he shared these key ideas:



  • Great retails these days change things up, and give the customer a new experience at a blazing speed

  • How fast does your store refresh itself?

  • How often to you re-merchandise?

  • How might you be able to speed up the cadence of exciting change?

  • Set yourself up to win with:

    • Easily changeable graphics

    • Fixtures that are flexible

    • Flexible lighting



  • Being able to display great experiences is one major advantage retailers have over on-line sales

  • What parts of the cycling experience get the customer’s blood pumping the most? (in some cases it may not be the ride)

  • Is there a new product that you could carry that enhances the experience?

  • Where can you incorporate more senses into the store?

  • Have you built experiences for every customer?


Bespoke (Making People Feel Special with customized products):

  • How might your help your customer customize their purchase?

  • How can you make them feel like they are the only ones with that product?

  • Does your sales process lead to a great story after the fact?

  • Can you design a custom way for premier customers to experience the whole sales process?

  • What if you added a special/unique treat to each bike purchase?



  • National retailers, and on-line sales have real challenges creating true community with their customers. Local bike retailers have a clear advantage. Live it up!

  • How to take advantage of your local potential:

    • Feature local products where possible

    • Create your own local pride merchandise

    • Communicate your local story in the store

    • Feature local ride photos/bios of local riders

    • Host/participate in local events/ride

  • Could your store pull off a local pride collection?

  • Think big. Is there a different level of club/group that you could create?

  • Are all your customers aware of the community activities/events you do?

  • Does every bike transaction have a “Facebook/Instagram” moment?


Integration (with Technology):

  • The vast majority of shopper these days use a cell phone while shopping. Great retailers embrace this opportunity.

  • Quick ways to integrate:

    • Provide free Wi-Fi

    • Showcase user-generated content next to products (customers’ pictures of them using the product)

    • Offer mobile coupons to customers while they are shopping – QR codes

    • Give in-store discounts for social media promotion

    • Give shoppers a mobile checkout option



  • Product stats and boring displays don’t cut it anymore. Retailers need to tell emotionally charged stories with their products

  • Telling stories in the store:

    • What stories does your store tell?

    • How can you take a typical display and amp up the story telling?

    • On your staff, who would be good at visually telling stories?

    • Can you take a product and brainstorm a story that might position the customer as the hero in the story?

    • Add some plants! Adds to the story of riding a bike outside



  • In today’s competitive environment, retailers need to move beyond just placing products on the sales floor. In small ways and big ways, it pays to create experiences that cause the customer to take note/remark about.

  • What does your store present the customer with that is noteworthy, fun, engaging?

  • Is there anything in your store that your customers remark about?


This article summarized an NBDA Webinar presented by Brian Hawkins, President of bhawkins inc. and Fixture Lab. Fixture Lab can be an invaluable partner in making your store a store that truly inspires your customers. Whether it’s as simple as a few new pedal displays, or as big as redesigning your whole store from the ground up, they have just the right advice and the proven solutions to make your store sing! Plus, NBDA members get special discounts on Fixture Lab’s services!

 NBDA Webinars are concise, information-packed sessions that help independent bicycle dealers survive and thrive in today’s marketplace. To tune in to the next one, visit our Event Calendar and register online.

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