Merchandising your Website

Photo taken from original webinar presentation by Ryan Atkinson, President + Co-Owner of SmartEtailing

Photo taken from original webinar presentation by Ryan Atkinson, President + Co-Owner of SmartEtailing

Great merchandising helps a customer shorten their journey. How do you give them something interesting to look at?

Make your website ‘the great place to go':

- 84% of Americans are shopping for something at any given time.

- They aren't going to buy everything they are looking at, but you can help them DISCOVER IT.

- Get the customer engaging with your inventory more often.

Put your products to work:

- Tell the story of what you have, otherwise, your inventory is just an expense.

- Once you put your product online, it becomes a marketing tool.

Our business needs:

- Increase the lifetime value of your customer:

- How can you show your customers you are a resource for everything they need?

- Improve seasonal sell-through:

- Market the Buy

- What's the hook to market the product?

- Create customer excitement

- Don't sit on the sidelines

- More effective product launches:

- Get your customers excited about new products through your site and not just the brands.

- How can you help your customers engage with the new products?

- Influence positive website metrics

Five Key Metrics to gauge the success of merchandising your website effectively:

1. Users: Get more users because you are a better resource for people.

2. Sessions: Get more sessions out of your customers because they want to come back.

* On average it takes a consumer 79 days to make a major purchase.*

3. Bounce Rate: If your homepage looks stale, they may bounce right out. However, if they see fresh content, you may pull them in.

4. Duration: How much clicking did the do? Clicking is equal to getting a person to ‘pick the product up in your store.

5. Page views: You want your customers to browse and look through your site.

Customer Discovery:

- Experience the variety of your selection

- Explore product categories

- Learn about new product

- Browse promotions- move the aging inventory. Promote on website

Two parts of your website:

1. Homepage: This is the front door to your business.

- Put a new product front and center.

- Don't take it for granted that people know you have certain products.

2. Landing Page:

- This is your silent salesperson.

- Make it easy to engage with the product.

- Make this page have easy access to your store. Contact phone number, address, hours of operation.

Leverage that you are the local expert.

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